Saturday, 29 December 2012


Red hat is one of the most powerful Linux based operating system in the world. Due to its capabilities red hat has become the first choice for the servers which carry loads of database. Red hat released its enterprise versions for servers versions named as:-
  • x86 
  • x86-64 
  • itanium 
  • PowerPC 
  • IBM System z 
  • desktop versions x86-64

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the new standard for enterprise data centers.

Benefits :

  • Efficiency, scalability and reliability
  • Unprecedented resource management
  • Integral security
  • Stable application development and production platform
  • Integrated visualization

Features :

  • It is optimized for highly scalable multicoredsystems
  • It manages the complexity of the underlying systems
  • It reduces data bottlenecks
  • It improves application performance
  • It ensures end-to-end data integrity
  • It reduces your power consumption

Red Hat is the best solution for cutting indirect and operating costs without comprising security  or reliability. The companies are choosing this server to  replace their aging infrastructure to provide high availability systems which in turn increases business continuity and improves deal flows and trades. 

Demerits :

  • It isn't designed for remote management.
  • It has large portions of code which were written sloppily several years ago
Red Hat Linux don't have many features due to some licensing and copyright problems. For example,: mp3 extension are disable in both Rythembox and XMMS , instead  Red Hat recommended using OGG extension, which has no patents. .

How to download: 

You can download Red Hat for your desktop from here. 
Download Red Hat here.  

You can check RED HAT website for Hardware specifications and whether it will support your System or not.

Anjali Anand
- OSR Open Source Revolution


  1. try to do RHCSA pls any one have some more information or some good doc so share with me..

    1. more contents on Linux red hat will be updated soon.. Keep coming back..


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